Yeshiva Ateret Tzvi - Basic Syllabus
4 Year - Yoreh Yoreh - S’micha - Ordination program
The Ateret Tzvi Smicha Program is designed to develop, nurture and combine skills in Jewish literacy with communal rabbinics. Syllabus texts were chosen not only because they are basic Jewish literacy tools, but because they continue to inform modern Judaism and provide a framework against which the non-religious social sciences can be applied.
Core texts:
חמשה חומשי תורה - תרגום אונקלוס - פירוש רש"י
The Chumash: Five Books of Moses - Targum of Onkelos - Commentary of Rashi are studied in the Hebrew originals on a weekly cycle throughout the year.
תלמוד בבלי: סוגיות ממס' מגילה, חגיגה, ראש השנה, עירובין, גיטין, בבא קמא ומציעא ובתרא, סנהדרין, ע"ז, מסכתות קטנות, חולין, נדה, ע"פ רש"י ותוס' ומהרש"א וכו'
The Talmud: Sugeyot from Tractates Megilla, Hagigah, Rosh Hashana, Eiruvin, Gittin, Bava Kama, Metzia & Batra, Sanhedrin, Avoda Zara, Small Tractates, Chulin, & Niddah - Commentaries of Rashi, Tosefot, Maharsha and others.
רמב"ם - טור, ושולחן ערוך אורך חיים - הלכות קריאת התורה, ויורה דעה - הלכות גרים, כבוד אב ואם, הלכות צדקה, הלכות ביקור חולים, וקבורה, ואבילות, וניחום אבלים
Maimonedes - The Tur - Sulchan Aruch and Codes on issues common to Jewish, private and Synagogue life:
Laws of Converts
Laws of Honoring One’s Parents
Laws of Charity
Laws of Torah Reading
Laws of Visiting the Sick
Laws of Burial and Mourning
סידור תפלה, ספר תהלים, מגלות שיר השירים, אסתר, רות, - מדרש רבה, שוחר טוב, ילקוט שמעוני, וזהר
Siddur Prayer Book - Tehillim Psalms - Megillot Shir Hashirim Song of Songs, Ruth, Esther - Midrashim exploring common and timeless, rabbinic themes:
Midrash Rabbah
Midrash Shocher Tov
Yalkut Shimoni
ספרי חסידות - נועם אלימלך, בני יששכר, קול שמחה, מי השילוח, אש קדש
פניני חסידות
Hasidut, in particular the Polish school of Hasidism which emphasize themes such as Faith, Humility, Common Responsibility, Tikun Olam, Spirituality and the Affirming, Expressive and Healing Self, Balance, Joy, the Jewish Arts:
Noam Elimelech - Rabbi Elimelech of Lyzhensk
Bnei Yisoschar - Rabbi Zvi Elimelech of Dinov
Kol Simcha - Rabbi Simcha Bunim of Pshischa
Mei Hashiloach - Rabbi Mordechai Yosef of Izbicy
Esh Kodesh - Rabbi Kalonymos Kalmish of Piacezna
P’ninei Hasidut - an anthology of Hasidic thought arranged according to the Parsha
Non-text, abridged-text and practical courses:
טעמי המנהגים והמצות והדינים
Designed to provide a sense of competence and continuity for the modern rabbi. A study of the minhagim, customs and traditions surrounding Jewish and life-cycle events. These courses rely heavily on Orthodox rabbinics sources and practices.
עניני שבת
קבלת שבת - Kabbalat Shabbat, the liturgy and service
- אות ברית The covenantal quality of Shabbat and the Jews
השראת שכינה --The Shechina and Israel in time and space
- שותפות בבריאת העולם Partnership with God in Creation
- קדושה והבדלה Kedusha - Oneness and sanctity, Havdalah and separateness
עניני המועדים
Moadim - Festivals
ראש השנה - Rosh Hashanna - the liturgy, the Shofar, the symbols, the concept and relevance of religious fear, sin and virtue, Tzadik and Rasha
- יום הכפורים Yom Kippur - Feasting and fasting, the liturgy, concept of Teshuva repentance, contrition, fixing, faith, retribution
סוכות ושמחת תורה - Sukkoth - Joy, Lulav and Etrog, and Simchat Torah
- חנוכה Chanukah - Judaism vs. Hellenism, Shammai and Hillel, the pros and cons of assimilation,
- ט"ו בשבט Tu b’Shvat
פורים - Purim - Jews and their nemesis, Amalek. The second commitment to the Torah.
- פסח Pesach - Preparations, Kashruth, the Seder, the Haggadah
- ספירת העומר ול"ג בעומר The Omer and Lag B’Omer
- שבועות Shavuot - Bikurim and Matan Torah
- תמוז, תשעה באב ואלול Tammuz, Tisha b’Av and Elul
ענינים שונים
תפלה - Tefillah - Prayer, Meditation, Vocalization, the Nusach, song, the Ba’al Tefilla leader, worship and Kavannah.
כשרות ואכילה - Kashruth - Eating
ביקור חולים - Bikur Cholim - Visiting the Sick
לימוד תורה - Limud - Learning Torah
ברית מילה - Birth - Brit - Naming
- בר ובת מצוה Bar/Bat Mitzvah
- חופה, קידושין, נישואין ושבע ברכות Marriage - Chuppa - Kiddushin - Nisuin - Brachot
יציאת נשמה, טהרה, קבורה, שבעה, ואבילות Death, Taharah, Burial, Shiva and Grieving
- גזל ואונאה, וגניבת דעת Business Ethics, Truth in Advertising
לעבדה ולשמרה - Environmental Ethics
צער בעלי חיים - Ethical Treatment of Animals
Other courses taught at the Academy are designed to broaden the outlook and general knowledge of the prospective Smicha candidate. The curriculum includes Talmud classes for the beginner and advanced student.
עיונים וסוגיות
Various Courses:
Trends in Jewish History
Biblical Era - Patriarchs and Prophets
The First Temple - Israel vs Paganism
Reconstruction - Judaism and Identity
Second Temple - Alexander the Great
Hasmonean Revolt - Rabbinism vs Hellenism
Dreams of Independence - The Political Tightrope
Seeds of Destruction - Rome and Nationalism
Rabban Yochanan ben Zakai - Preparing For The Day After
Tannaim - Palestine and the Mishna
Ammoraim - Babylon and the Talmud
Savoraim and Gaonim - Diaspora in the Dark Ages
Between Christianity and Islam - Jews Under Pressure
Rishonim - Ashkenaz and Sefarad, Rashi and Maimonedes
Spanish Expulsion - The Shulchan Aruch
The Enlightment - Nationalism in Europe
Twentieth Century - Holocaust, Israel, Islam and Palestine
Women and Judaism
Kabbalah and Mysticism
Free Will and Determinism
Philosophy of Religion
War and Judaism
Paths in Healing
Text and subText
Money and Judaism
Subversive Judaism
Alternative Judaism
Messiah and the World to Come